About EV Battery Technologies

Patented Battery Management System (BMS)

Longer Life
Real time power routing options to avoid and minimize damage
Exclusion and isolation of individual damaged cells
Re-routing to exclude those cells, with a notice for routine maintenance to repair or replace.
More Efficient Battery Use
Absolute differentiation of individual cell issues in real time
Constant power optimization and flow control
Life extension, charge extension, massive cost savings
More Accurate Reading
Accurate, reliable (patented) failure prediction
Real-time Monitoring
Constant observance and maintained oversight of battery in real time
Remote Maintenance
Multiple patents protecting industry first remote maintenance on any battery using our BMS, ESS or OEM offering

Artificial Intelligence Based

Applies more than half a decade of data from the world’s largest market
Hundreds of Thousands of Electric Vehicles
Applied and interfaced artificial intelligence with a proprietary Battery Management System that “learns” and improves in real time
The artificial intelligence algorithm of the neural network analyzes the data
AI Integrated BMS system is designed specifically for the EV & ESS markets
Fully scalable to any BMS application

Smart BMS Using AI

Multiple patents protecting industry changing Artificial Intelligence for more accurate SOC and SOH values
AI algorithm of the neural network to determine exactly which cells to replace
Detailed Real Time cloud-based data on every battery is captured and analyzed by AI
AI “learns” and updates as battery data meta-crunches efficiencies
Patented Echelon Utilization: Using active balancing and capacity algorithms enabling the re-use of retired batteries ESS or OEM offering
Multiple patents protecting industry first Active Equalization technology extending battery life
User never sees a degradation in performance
AI automatically isolates and reroutes around problem cells to ensure optimal performance
Patented BMS for electric vehicles with Autosa platform for automotive functional safety

Real Time Monitoring Allows For:

Our system allows real-time monitoring with advanced review of individual cell degradation. The system then applies AI to the data collected to improve BMS technology.

Less downtime
Instant notification of issues
Saves maintenance cost and human cost
Longevity of usage of each battery
More efficiency
Remote repair of hardware and software
AI and building of even greater intelligence over time

Bringing Blockchain to Batteries

Our Blockchain platform excels in tracking and control features related to customer look-up, operator look-up, intellectual property look-up and tracking and distribution/billing tracking. More specifically, when a transaction occurs, a block is added for tracking and verification. Verification occurs through comparative information and reference to public records of information. Once verified as accurate and the transaction is green-lighted, the client’s digital signature, the dollar amount and the companies’ digital signature are all stored in the “block”. The associated time, materials and deliverables are all stored, associated with the various departments, and tracked on the “chain”. Once verified, confirmed and green-lighted the block is assigned a unique hash. This identifier can be tracked by the client, various suppliers and end users to ensure timely and correct delivery.


By bringing its Blockchain technology and applying it to the Battery technologies above, the Company intends on bringing the most innovative and secure battery solutions to the global Battery markets.

Our Technology vs. Existing Batteries

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