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Experience the Future of Blockchain and Battery Technology

EV Battery Tech utilizes proprietary blockchain technology and patented AI-powered Battery Management Systems to create leading Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage System (ESS) products and services to meet the growing demand for scalable, smart solutions in these rapidly growing markets.

Our Products


Transparent Blockchain Technology Platform

Our Products


Gather metadata to increase optimization

Our Products

Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

Scalable and Adaptable Battery Ecosystem

Our Products

Electric Vehicles

Launching in 2023, EV Battery Tech’s subsidiary IoniX Pro will release the Trilogy Vision and Trilogy Vision X

Experience the future of Battery Technology

Battery Management Systems

Powering each product is a seamless experience, with premium maintenance and management to ensure optimal functionality.

Battery Recycling

Our Lithium-Ion battery recycling and refurbishment program offers a long-term solution to the current global e-waste crisis. It focuses on upcycling batteries, which creates a second long-term, serviceable life for batteries currently being sent to landfills.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our reliable technology automates the process of monitoring and managing batteries. The active maintenance enables the batteries to run at top speed and provides efficient cell allocation.

Remote Maintenance

Batteries should only be discarded when they hit 0%. Our remote rebalancing functionality allows battery cells to be re-activated, which increases the capacity of the battery system. This boosts battery life and cost savings while reducing environmental waste.

Energy Storage Systems

Using Artificial Intelligence to coordinate smart charging and discharging intermittent power, our ESS systems stabilize energy output. These high-efficiency systems are revolutionizing the world of battery technology to last longer while automatically optimizing in real-time.

Smart Charging Systems

EV Battery Tech offers an ESS combined smart grid-enabled V2G integration module for EV charging combined with backend blockchain and financial transactional support.

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Our batteries can be optimized for energy preservation and remote repair and maintenance using artificial intelligence and real-time monitoring. This innovative technology presents a cost-effective, long-lasting solution and enables real-time power routing to avoid and minimize damage.