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EV Battery Tech is a blockchain and battery technology company specializing in proprietary blockchain and patented BMS technology to satisfy the rapidly growing EV and ESS markets.

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By the end of 2026, the global renewable energy market is projected to reach

$ 0 Million
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By 2027, the global electric vehicles market is expected to rise to

$ 0 Billion
Meticulous Research

By 2027, The green power market size is anticipated
to reach

$ 0 Million
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Battery Tech Suite

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp is the future of battery development. Our products utilize AI to understand the complex relationships between charging and energy output. We have programmed our devices to optimize their operations in response to such, providing streamlined battery functionality. The EV Battery Tech suite is unique in that it innovates battery management for both the user and the environment by offering a sustainable operational framework.
Transparent Blockchain Technology Platform
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Gather Metadata To Increase Optimization
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Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)
Scalable and Adaptable Battery Ecosystem
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Electric Vehicles
Launching in 2023, EV Battery Tech's subsidiary IoniX Pro will release the Trilogy Vision and Trilogy Vision X
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