We are a team of innovators behind a revolutionary blockchain and battery infrastructure that revitalizes battery technology.

Our goals
The future of energy creating a more sustainable tomorrow

Optimization is in full force with a battery that continuously manages flow control and offers real-time power routing options helping avoid and minimize damage. For damaged cells, EV Battery Tech will exclude and isolate them and re-route with a notice for routine maintenance to repair or replace.

Our Core Values
Innovative in design and operation

EV Battery Tech reimagines the concept of battery management with its AI-driven infrastructure. It efficiently optimizes battery performance using real-time monitoring and maintenance in real-time.

Meet the team

Board & Management
Advisory Board

The EV Battery Tech Product Suite

Our cutting-edge products are operational powerhouses that promote renewable energy. They provide accurate readings of battery life while offering capabilities to extend and preserve battery life. The streamlined management system automates maintenance and repair, giving the user a superior experience when managing battery output.