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EV Battery Tech Partner Daymak Completes First EV Prototype

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tThe Avvenire Spiritus Prototype will be unveiled in Toronto where the recently launched IONiX Pro Home SmartWall will also be on display


December 9, 2021, Vancouver, BC – Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (the “Company” or “EV Battery Tech”) (CSE: ACDC) (OTCQB: CRYBF), with its subsidiary IONiX Pro Battery Technologies Inc. (“IONiX Pro”), is pleased to announced that its partner, Daymak Inc. (“Daymak”) is unveiling the first Daymak Avvenire Spiritus (the “Spiritus”) at an exclusive unveiling event.


Daymak’s Avvenire series, including the Spiritus, will be powered by a custom IONiX Pro battery system, which will utilize EV Battery Tech’s patented battery management system (BMS) technology as part of the partnership between the parties. The very first Spiritus will be unveiled for the first time in Toronto on December 17, 2021, at 11am EST. EV Battery Tech shareholders are invited to RSVP to this event at


The Spiritus is a 3-wheel, 2-seat EV which can offer quick acceleration of 60 MPH time of 1.8 seconds.  The Spiritus will come in two models, the Spiritus Deluxe and the Spiritus Ultimate, with two different price points making the EV more accessible to more consumers.

Image of the first Daymak Avvenire Spiritus, courtesy of Daymak


“This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I’m thrilled to be unveiling this next week” commented Daymak CEO and EV Battery Tech Advisory Board member, Aldo Baiocchi. “We’ve been collaborating with the best to make this dream a reality, and this is very evident in this first prototype”.


Alongside the Spiritus will be the IONiX Pro Home SmartWall (the “SmartWall”), IONiX Pro’s flagship product, for event attendees to see in person. The SmartWall will also be available to view in Daymak’s showroom following the event. The SmartWall allows users to monitor their homes remotely and features remote monitoring, maintenance, and repair functions, thanks to EV Battery Tech’s patented BMS technology. These features are expected to give the SmartWall an edge over its competitors as they promote increased reliability, safety and longer lifespans.  The SmartWall has a capacity of 15kW and has been designed to allow it to be stacked in parallel with multiple devices, to allow consumers to increased their desired capacity up to 150kW.


“I’m very proud of our partner, Daymak for this momentous accomplishment,” commented IONiX Pro Managing Director, Robert Abenante.


It has been a very exciting journey collaborating on products, and the Spiritus is only the beginning, as we have under contract the right to power the whole Avvenire line.  We are also excited to display our Flagship SmartWall at Daymak’s event, where I will be delighted to show potential consumers in Toronto the SmartWall’s sleek design and functionality,” concluded Mr. Abenante.


On behalf of the Company,


Bryson Goodwin,

President and CEO


About Daymak Inc.


Daymak, a Toronto-based company incorporated in 2002, is a leading developer and distributor of personal light electric vehicles. Daymak’s goal is to make outstanding clean vehicles that make a positive impact on the environment for today and future generations. Daymak builds its vehicles to give freedom of movement and are a joy to ride.


Daymak’s current customers include Walmart, Costco, TSC, QVC, Best Buy, Hudson’s Bay plus a network of 150 dealers across Canada and the USA. Daymak also has showrooms in Los Angeles, California, Toronto, Ontario, and Rome, Italy with more expected in the future. Daymak was also the recipient of the “Clean Tech North Award”, and Profit Magazine’s Top 100, 200 fastest growing Canadian companies while also being named “One of Ontario’s Greenest Companies.”


About EV Battery Tech 


EV Battery Tech is a blockchain and battery technology company with revolutionary, patented Battery Management Systems (BMS) designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage solution (ESS) markets. The company has committed to assisting global recycling solutions by offering recycling initiatives using their technology to analyze and fully refurbish used batteries.


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About IONiX Pro


IONiX Pro is a leading battery products and services company. Utilizing proprietary blockchain technology and patented Battery Management System (BMS) technology, licensed by EV Battery Tech, IONiX Pro has a growing portfolio of scalable, cutting-edge products and services for the home and office, recreational vehicles, major industrial applications and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  IONiX Pro has created disruptive “Smart” products targeted for the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) markets.


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